See how your phone can take care of all your two wheeler insurance needs.

Two wheeler insurance is synonymous with form-filling, documentation and running around. But times are changing – these days, you can get your insurance needs sorted with just a phone. It seems hard to believe, but it’s true and this article will tell just how it is possible to ensure you enjoy a cost, time & energy efficient experience when purchasing an insurance policy for your 2 wheeler.

1. Compare with taps & swipes.

Not more than a few years ago, comparing quotes for a two wheeler insurance policy meant taking a day out from your busy life to go from one branch to the next. You’d have to speak to sales executives, collect brochures and then sit down to actually size-up your options. It was a time-intensive and energy-draining process. It’s such a contrast to what’s possible today; with most insurance companies providing instant online quotes, you can compare your options whilst cozying-up on your couch!

2. Buying two wheeler insurance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Once you’ve selected the right policy for your coverage needs, just tap look-up the insurance company online, find the website and begin the application process. Each insurance company will have different procedures but they are all extremely easy. Some will have entirely online processes, while other may send an executive home to pick-up some documents and/or verify your details. However, both will ensure you expend the least energy and invest a little time as possible in the purchase process.

Before you know it, your insurance policy will be purchased and in force. The policy document will be sent to your home and/or on your email. Just remember to go through the terms and conditions before committing to any decision.

3. Renewal is even easier.

Renewing a two wheeler insurance policy was another hassled process. But with your phone by your side, you can breeze through it and sometimes get it done with zero effort. All you have to do is set up an ECS system with your bank or one of the UPI payment apps available today and the payments will be taken care of without any effort from your side. You could also opt to just visit the website and make the payment through their secure online links.

4. Claims.

Some of new-age insurance companies have made it extremely convenient to get a claim sorted. You just have to register your claim on their website or app, take a picture of the damage and they will send you the estimate repair costs directly in your bank account. In case of small damages, you just have to register the claim and they will send over a mechanic to mend your vehicle.

These were 4 of the most time consuming and exhaustive procedures of a 2 wheeler insurance policy. However, with a smart phone and the right insurance provider, you can tap your way through these formalities in minutes! So if you need to buy yourself an insurance policy for your two-wheeler, just get that phone out of your pocket and get started – it will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done!