Month: December 2018

See how your phone can take care of all your two wheeler insurance needs.

Two wheeler insurance is synonymous with form-filling, documentation and running around. But times are changing – these days, you can get your insurance needs sorted with just a phone. It seems hard to believe, but it’s true and this article will tell just how it is possible to ensure you enjoy a cost, time & energy efficient experience when purchasing an insurance policy for your 2 wheeler.

1. Compare with taps & swipes.

Not more than a few years ago, comparing quotes for a two wheeler insurance policy meant taking a day out from your busy life to go from one branch to the next. You’d have to speak to sales executives, collect brochures and then sit down to actually size-up your options. It was a time-intensive and energy-draining process. It’s such a contrast to what’s possible today; with most insurance companies providing instant online quotes, you can compare your options whilst cozying-up on your couch!

2. Buying two wheeler insurance is as easy as 1-2-3!

Once you’ve selected the right policy for your coverage needs, just tap look-up the insurance company online, find the website and begin the application process. Each insurance company will have different procedures but they are all extremely easy. Some will have entirely online processes, while other may send an executive home to pick-up some documents and/or verify your details. However, both will ensure you expend the least energy and invest a little time as possible in the purchase process.

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Volkswagen’s Diesels To Visit Altwheels Festival

Automakers like Toyota and Honda are focusing on the development of gas-electric hybrid vehicle as their response to the increasing call for cleaner cars. American automakers like Ford and General Motors also manufacture hybrid cars. However, in Europe, automakers are focusing on the development of new generation diesel engines which are made to be as clean as gasoline engines. One of the automakers paving the way for the development of diesel vehicles is Volkswagen.

The biggest European automaker Volkswagen is making considerable strides in the development and manufacturing of clean diesel engines. The diesel-powered Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion was found out to be the greenest vehicle in the United Kingdom. Volkswagen’s Audi is also making huge steps forward especially in the promotion of diesel engines with its two straight victories at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans with a diesel-powered race car. In the United States, Volkswagen has embarked on a Dieselution Tour in an aim to educate the general public on the benefits of clean diesel engines to the environment.

The Dieselution Tour will be making a stop at the AltWheels Alternative Transportation and Energy Festival on September 28 to 29 in Boston, Massachusetts. The AltWheels festival will be the Dieselution’s first public stop. The people behind the Tour will be using interactive displays and exhibits to point out the growing concern for the protection of the environment. The presentations will also feature how the automaker designed their advanced diesel engines and all its parts like the Volkswagen … Read More . . .

Top 5 Most Reliable Honda Two- Wheelers

The consistent innovation and advancement in technology is creating boom in automobile industry to meet the demands of general public . We know every year many bikes are launched and each bike is unique in its own with its impressive features. If we talk about these bikes then for the ones who are crazy about bikes and want to purchase the latest bike can refer to below-given information.

Here is the list of some fantastic and latest honda bikes which have launched recently. Lets us know more about these honda bikes.

  • Honda CB Shine

This is one of the amazing honda bikes in India recently launched with a price range of 55,766 to 67,193 Rupees. This bike offers a mileage of 65kmpl and powered by 125cc power engine. This bike has amazing features like Drum and  Disc brakes along with this It has alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. This honda bike offeres shockers and launched in different colours.

This stunning bike is one of the awesome honda bikes in India. This Honda bike offers you a top speed of   115kmph with a mileage of 42.5kmpl. This Honda bike in India is launched with the set of four variants featuring  LED lamplights, 162.17cc power engine. These honda bikes have an updated features of sports bike also and comes with price range of 81,643 to 1,03,236Rupees.

  • Honda CBR 250 R

This Honda bike is having amazing features like 249.66cc power engine. This is among … Read More . . .